MnSure: Close enough for government work

Saturday night, a faithful reader of LFR tried logging onto the MnSure website. This is the message this reader got:

Seriously? I just tried to login to the site to view and apply for plans at 10:33 pm on Saturday, Nov 9, 2013 and I got this message:

the system is available monday through saturday, 6 am to 10 pm


please visit us during those hours to apply and enroll

Thank you for your interest in MNsure

Gov. Dayton, Sen. Klobuchar, Sen. Franken and other prominent Democrats have touted how fantastic the MnSure portal is. This information is proof that MnSure’s website isn’t like Kayak’s or Amazon’s websites. In fact, I’d argue that MnSure’s motto is ‘close enough for government work’. Further, I’d argue that the government version of customer service is nothing like the customer service at Amazon or Target.

All kidding aside, MnSure isn’t meeting people’s needs. This can’t be viewed in isolation. It must be viewed from the perspective that people who’ve had their policies canceled are depending on MnSure being operational at their convenience, not at the government’s convenience.

That MnSure isn’t open 24/7 is additional proof that government customer service stinks because it lacks a profit motive. Whether the job is done poorly or whether it’s done exceptionally, the pay is the same. There’s virtually no chance that the people staffing MnSure will get fired or take a pay cut.

That’s the biggest fallacy exposed by the Affordable Care Act. Government shouldn’t be in the business of telling clinics, doctors or hospitals how to care for patients. Having government telling doctors, hospitals and clinics how to care for patients is like having Bernie Sanders explain capitalism to Art Laffer.

The disgraceful part of this is that Gov. Dayton, Sen. Franken and Sen. Klobuchar have pretended like the MnSure website is running perfectly. Clearly, that isn’t the case. In fact, it’s clear that the website’s approach to customer service is mostly about doing what the government wants, not fulfilling the customers’ needs.

Gov. Dayton, Sen. Franken, Sen. Klobuchar and the DFL legislature should be ashamed of themselves for constructing this disaster.

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