Klobuchar’s deer-in-the-headlights moment

According to this Weekly Standard article, Amy Klobuchar had a deer-in-the-headlights moment when asked about people losing the health insurance that they liked. Here’s what Ms. Klobuchar said:

Others blamed the insurance companies.

“Insurance companies cancel insurance policies. That’s what they do,” said Reid.

“You should talk to the insurance companies if they’re dropping people,” said Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. “The idea here is to have affordable insurance to people that don’t have it.”

Sen. Klobuchar’s statement is pathetic. She’s pretending that the Affordable Care Act’s regulations didn’t force insurance companies to drop people’s policies because the ACA made the policies illegal.

Sen. Klobuchar, Why don’t you and your Democratic colleagues admit that the Affordable Care Act, the bill you voted for, forced insurance companies to drop plans? Why can’t you admit that the insurance companies aren’t the villains here? Why don’t you admit that the villains are the politicians that voted for the Affordable Care Act (that includes you) and the bureaucrats that gutted the provision that grandfathered in policies (that’s Kathleen Sebelius)?

The regulations signed off on by Secretary Sebelius made the vast majority of grandfathered-in policies illegal. The insurance companies didn’t have a choice in the matter of whether they’d continue offering the policies that are getting canceled. That’s because Sebelius’ rule made them illegal. If the insurance companies tried to continue selling the product, they would’ve opened themselves up to a lawsuit by HHS and possibly the Justice Department.

The fact that Sen. Klobuchar attempted to blame insurance companies shows that she understands that the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is a disaster far beyond a website that’s constantly crashing.

Insurance premiums are going up for hundreds of thousands of people across the country. They’re increasing for people who had the policy they liked canceled. That’s happening as a direct result of politicians like Sen. Klobuchar passing a God-awful bill. It’s happening because bureaucrats like Secretary Sebelius have made a terrible bill worse with God-awful regulations designed to push people into the health insurance exchanges.

UPDATE: Paul Mirengoff live-blogged this morning’s hearing. Here’s the key part of this morning’s hearing:

11:39: But wait! Rep. Lance (R.NJ) asks a very telling question on the issue of what changes in policies will negate “grandfathering” of old plans. He asks about a report that a $5 change in a co-pay would cause a plan to lose its protection and cause someone to lose that plan. Sebelius can’t deny this. Instead, she bobs and weaves.

11:42: Rep. Cassidy (R.La.) follows up on Lance’s line of questioning. He says that a $1 dollar change in co-insurance would negate grandfathering. Sebelius now admits that Rep. Lance’s $5 increase in co-pay is accurate.

This isn’t the type of news the administration wanted. Conservative websites will highlight this as proof the administration wrote the regulations to push people onto the exchanges.

That means President Obama did nothing to make sure his administration did nothing to keep his promise that “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.” By pushing people into the exchanges, this administration guaranteed health insurance prices would increase significantly, thus breaking the administration’s promise that families’ health care costs would drop by $2,500 a year.

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