Another Coke Ad that is a REAL Winner

Coca-Cola has done it again - a terrific "feel good" and "I can do it" Coke commercial from the Philippines. Just watch it - and, it's something we can all do. Even if staged, it sends a very powerful message - one of just being nice to people.

Hat tip, The Blaze

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How many people are poised to lose 2014 ObamaCare coverage?

The Obama administration bragged about its enrollment numbers in the compulsory ObamaCare system, but the lack of eligibility-confirmation systems in the exchanges may take a big bite out of those numbers shortly. Just how big a bite is anyone’s guess, however, with warnings to multiple groups that either their coverage or their subsidies may stop at any time. Last night, HHS warned that 115,000 people currently covered by ObamaCare might lose their insurance thanks to immigration issues:

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They’re Gonna Need Another “War On Women”

Two years of “war on women” rhetoric gets the Democrats…


Women surveyed said they disapprove of Obama by a 50 percent to 44 percent margin — nearing an all-time low in the poll. It’s almost the reverse of the 55 percent to 44 percent breakdown for Obama among female voters in 2012, according to exit polls.

 His approval rating among women has slipped four percentage points from a year ago and 16 points since his second inaugural in January 2013, when his approval was 60 percent among the group.

 I’d like to think it’s because women felt the Democrats were patronizing them, and that they’re smarter than that. 

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Just win, baby

We can safely assume that the Code of Conduct of the Minnesota Vikings is similar to the motto of the Oakland Raiders under Al Davis -- just win, baby:

The Vikings announced Monday that star running back Adrian Peterson -- deactivated for Sunday's Week 2 loss to the Patriots after being indicted on child abuse charges late Friday afternoon -- would practice fully throughout the week and "is expected to play" in Week 3 when the Vikings travel to New Orleans to play the Saints."Today's decision was made after significant thought, discussion and consideration. As evidenced by our decision to deactivate Adrian from yesterday's game, this is clearly a very important issue," Vikings owners Zygi Wilf and Mark Wilf said in a statement. "On Friday, we felt it was in the best interests of the organization to step back, evaluate the situation and not rush to judgment given the seriousness of this matter. At that time, we made the decision that we felt was best for the Vikings and all parties involved."

Last year, you might recall that reserve cornerback A. J. Jefferson got in trouble with the law for domestic violence. He was gone within hours.

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Minnesota Poll: Franken’s leading

To conservative political junkies, the Minnesota Poll is seen as political graffiti. The Strib’s Abby Simon wrotethis article summarizing the race between Sen. Franken and GOP challenger Mike McFadden. The headline will get all the attention but there’s some startling information that Sen. Franken will like. First, here’s the headline:

Franken gets the backing of 49 percent of likely voters, while McFadden gets 36 percent. Another 11 percent say they have not yet decided.

That part certainly will put a smile on Franken’s face. This part will wipe that smile off his face:

But that lead vanishes in northern Minnesota, where 55 percent prefer McFadden to Franken, who gets a little over one third. The number of undecideds also dwindles to 5 percent. The state’s Iron Range region has become politically volatile in recent elections, with fissures deepening this year over controversial issues like the proposed PolyMet copper-nickel mining project that sometimes pit labor against environmentalists.

If that polling information is accurate, then it’s difficult to see Franken winning. If 55% of Iron Rangers support McFadden and those numbers have solidified, then Franken’s in some trouble. If that’s the case, then Franken’s got to outperform DFL norms in other parts of the state.

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Politico battleground poll puts Obama at 44/56, GOP up on immigration

Americans are sour on the economy, which surprises Politico’s Alexander Burns [link fixed], but it shouldn’t. In the first major likely-voter poll of the general election, Democrats face strong headwinds on the economic issues that voters tell pollsters will be their main focus in November. Burns notes that voters aren’t buying the Recovery Summer Part IV meme Democrats are selling, although it appears Burns is:

If the nation’s economy is on the mend, the voters of 2014 aren’t feeling it.

Despite continued signs of a halting but persistent national comeback, midterm voters remain frustrated and unhappy with the state of the economy, according to the latest POLITICO poll of likely voters in 2014 battleground states. Many appear to blame President Barack Obama: 57 percent of these voters disapprove of his economic leadership.

By every measure in the survey, a gloomy mood still pervades the electorate when it comes to kitchen-table issues: Just 23 percent say their personal financial situation has improved over the past year, versus 30 percent who say it has gotten worse.

Democrats had initially envisioned 2014 as a year when their candidates could hail the fruits of an economic turnaround. For a time, a handful of impressive monthly employment reports bolstered their hopes.

But while the economy has improved, it has not yet taken flight: Unemployment remains above 6 percent, and in August the country gained just 142,000 jobs. Candidates around the country have tempered their claims of economic improvement, including Republican governors who also initially aimed to run on their records of job creation.

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Costa Rica Is Español For “Romance”

A regular correspondent emails:

Just an update on this story.

Jim Golden resigned his position as State Medicaid Director [a few weeks back]. Rumor has it that April Todd-Malmlov has a new job in Washington DC.

Romance is a good thing, I guess Costa Rica is a good place for it.


You may remember April Todd-Malmlov as the MNSure “director” who took a vacation in Costa Rica with Mr. Golden about the time MNSure’s website was garnering headlines as among the worst in the country.

So I guess it all works out:  guy (apparently) gets girl, girl gets newer and probably bigger and better government job, the taxpayers get…

…well, we’ll get back to you on that.


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ObamaCare subsidies funding abortion coverage: GAO

During the months-long debate in Congress over ObamaCare, opponents argued that the bill would become a back-door method to funding abortions through federal taxpayer dollars, which the Hyde Amendments prohibited in each budget. Democrats refused to attach the Stupak amendment to ObamaCare, which would have put the Hyde language into statute, and insisted that insurance companies would be required to segregate abortion coverage so that federal tax dollars did not fund abortion coverage. In the end, Bart Stupak and his small coterie of pro-life Democrats caved, and his party left those promises ringing in the air as they shoved the bill down the throats of voters, who were then and are now largely opposed to ObamaCare.

More than four years later, the GAO confirms what opponents knew would happen when the federal government took over the health-insurance industry:

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Flipped out? Political pundits pan Maher’s MN Flip A District

Bill Maher admitted on his latest show that he didn’t know much about Minnesota politics.  He doesn’t know much about comedy, either, but that hasn’t stopped him.

After soliciting suggestions via tweets from his audience from among 16 GOP congressmen for his 2014 “Flip a District” campaign contest, Maher selected Rep. John Kline from Minnesota’s second congressional district.

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When gay marriage activists sold the idea of same-sex marriage, their key points (other than the “if you disagree you are teh bigot!” that most of the lower-information supporters prattled endlessly) were:

  1. The idea that marriage is purely about raising children is obsolete – people who don’t intend to, or can’t, have children, are married all the time, even in churches. 
  2. With the idea of procreation left out of the equation, why, really, shouldn’t two people who love each other be able to be married?

This, of course, introduced some new questions; if, indeed, “love” is the basis for marriage, why can’t three or more people love each other enough to get married, by that same token? 

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Down with the administrative state

You may not be interested in administrative law, but administrative law is interested in you. Administrative law is unrecognized by the Constitution, but, according to Columbia Law School Professor Philip Hamburger, it “has become the government’s primary mode of controlling Americans.” He observes that “administrative law has avoided much rancor because its burdens have been felt mostly by corporations.” This is where you come in: “Increasingly, however, administrative law has extended its reach to individuals. The entire society therefore now has opportunities to feel its hard edge.”

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Democrats caused the railcar shortage

The highest profile pipeline project in the nation is the Keystone XL Pipeline project. While Republicans have fought for the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline, that isn’t the only pipeline project being delayed by environmental activists. This article highlights the impact the anti-pipelines activists are having in outstate Minnesota:

Railroads will be the key to winter heat as propane becomes a dicier commodity to secure. Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton recommended pre-paying for propane supplies to eliminate the uncertainty of rising prices later this winter.

But that’s not an option for some people in Park Rapids.

“I can’t afford to take the chance,” said Steve Olafson, who owns the Skelgas service in Park Rapids and ended his “pre-buy” program this year. Last year he found his business trying to fill pre-paid orders for $1.54 per gallon at $5 per gallon.

First, this shows how little thought went into Gov. Dayton’s recommendation. Gov. Dayton automatically thought that businesses wouldn’t react to higher prices and losing money. Mr. Olafson, the businessman who would get hurt by price increases, decided he isn’t willing to lose money on the pre-paid plan. That’s why he eliminated that as an option for customers.

Gov. Dayton’s ‘plan’ was more of a gimmick aimed at hiding a problem create by his political allies in the environmental movement. Environmental activists have waged war on building pipelines, whether it’s the Keystone XL Pipeline or the proposed pipeline from the Bakken to refineries in Superior, WI.

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